Heart To Heart
sad story
far far away 
at Ynez school
there was a boy
and a girl
boy liked girl
boy talked with girl
girl got annoyed by boy
1 year later
boy talked with girl again
boy and girl became friends
2 years later
boy and girl went to high school
boy told girl "he liked her "
girl was suprised
boy got rejected
boy had arguement with girl
girl hated boy
boy found out why
boy said sorry
boy not sure girl forgive him
boy afraid to ask girl
a year later
boy musters up courage 
girl replies
the boy was happy
they talked and talked
one day
girl ask boy to sadies
and boy said yes
they both had a wonderful time
without hesitation
the boy worked on things for prom
then he wondered
will she go with me ?
the boy feared
but he did it anyway
she said yes ...

in the end of sad story
has turned out to be a
very happy story...

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