Heart To Heart
When you get caught in the rain ,
with nowhere to run..
when you're distraught and in pain ,
without anyone ..
when you keep praying to saved ,
but nobody comes ..
and you feel so far away ,
that you just can't ..
find your way home ,
you can get there alone ..
it's okay ,
what you say ..

I can make it through the rain ,
i can stand up once again ,
on my own and i know ,
that i'm strong enough to mend ..

And every time i feel afraid ,
i hold tighter to my faith ,
and i live one more day ,
and i make it through the rain ..

And if you keep falling down ,
don't you dare give in ,
you will arise save and sound ,
so keep pressing on ..

Step fastly ,
and you'll find what you need ,
to prepare what you say ..

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